Summer staple skirt and Trio of Tops

Following on from my earlier post – some time ago I know – feeling very guilty having deserted you all, but I am glad to say that things are back to normal round here, at last!  I have finally found the time to take some pics. I finished the skirt shortly after the last post and I have been wearing it pretty much constantly over the Summer – so versatile, comfy with that smart casual thing I normally struggle with.


The Summer heat this year meant that sleeveless tops were the order of the day and as I didn’t want to spend much time indoors out came the TnT of the Jasmine and Sorbetto, no reinventing the wheel here!


The skirt back has two welt pockets – which I hadn’t done in quite some time so I decided to do a little practice run on some spare fabric, noting the stages along the way, something I would recommend for any tricky treatment.

The finished zip is a bit too long, for the length of the skirt in my opinion I will bear this in mind for next time.



Followers of this blog will know that I am never content with just one make and this skirt is no exception I have already cut out another skirt in a stretch, dress weight navy denim, but this time I am using a small navy flower fabric in the pocket linings to add a flash of interest.


This first Jasmine is of a lovely floral cotton in a complementary colour with a silk charmeuse collar with bow front. I love the feel of the silk facing next to the skin.


Next up is the same sleeveless Jasmine in a very small floral print in turquoise, I made the short sailor collar in the same fabric this time. The little loop is in a light wool turquoise suiting as I plan to make a panelled skirt with this fabric – I like these little touches as it feels then the blouse and skirt will be like a two piece – I have a muslin to do of this skirt which will form a future post.

The last of this trio of Jasmines is in the same small floral print only this time in navy. This is with the gathered sleeves and long tie and I absolutely love it!


… much so I also used this fabric for a little loose fit Sorbetto, with a little rouleaux bow and inverted pleat, left loose for a casual feel


…one Sorbetto a Summer does not make!


…..a variation on a theme, two button pale blue shirting and white binding on the armholes and neckline for a fresh feel.


Plain box pleat front – as the detail is on the back with the addition of a button placket and panel of vintage buttons.


36 thoughts on “Summer staple skirt and Trio of Tops

  1. I really love your style, all of these tops are gorgeous (esp the jasmines) and I’m particularly jealous of that wonderful skirt! What fabric did you use for it? It has a really nice sheen.

    • Thanks Sabs,
      Jasmine is such a good pattern, I think I have exhausted all the variations of it now!

      The skirt fabric is a cotton sanded chino, its really soft feel and gets better with wear. The med weight means it keeps its A-line shape, totally living in it at the mo.

    • Thank you, I could probably make these blouses in my sleep – putting the pattern away! Hoping the skirt will be finished any day now, now that I have less distractions -(storms here at the mo!)

  2. Thanks Tia Dia,
    The skirt pattern is very easy – I made a muslin first using calico in a similar weight to the cotton chino – the waistband sits low, so that needed a bit of tweaking to avoid gaping. The zip positioning is something to bear in mind and an exposed shorter zip would be nicer on this one – I couldn’t get the needle close enough to the teeth for this to be a truly invisible zip, due to the fabric being quite thick.
    You would really suit this, you should give it a go:)

    Yes, the Colette Jasmine is one of my all time favourite patterns but I am forcing myself to move on! I have cut and ready to sew the one featured in the Burdastyle mag with this skirt – no muslin tho so I’m winging it, will post shortly.

    • Thanks CC. The little button back Sorbetto is one of my favs, an easy adjustment to the pattern, they are functioning buttons, however I can still get it on and off over my head – so purely a design feature.

  3. Great to see you (in so many variations)! Firstly, I love the skirt: it’s perfect (who will notice the zip?) and it totally suits you. I love that chino-style utility look and it’s hard to make it look not home made but you did it.

    The variations are very refreshing and I really, really want a gathered sleeves Jasmine just like yours. It’s so sexy. But all the makes are great and you look like you had a great summer. Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat, eh? How’s the pooch?

    • Thanks Marianna
      Yes, made the decision not to stress myself trying to keep up with the blogging as out and about a lot this Summer- well you have to, as don’t know when we will get weather like that again! Swam in a Scottish loch – without a wetsuit! Introduced Pepper to kayaking – she’s a great little swimmer tho she does have a lifejacket – precious! All in all one to remember, but happy to be back to the usual routine as sewing ideas burring away. x

  4. Beautiful blouses. The Jasmine is my favorite blouse pattern I have not made yet… haha. But I look at yours and feel inspired! So many styles you made from one pattern! Wonderful! ~Laurie

  5. Oh my, this is a great wardrobe! The first and second Jasmines are fabulous: I love the fabric, the fit, how they look on you…they make your eyes pop! The skirt is great and I adore the white sorbetto. Ok if you get tired of any of those garments I am happy to take them ;o)

  6. I especially love the blue tops, lovely pattern and very versatile – very handy to have. If you think the zip is too long can you not just unpick the bottom few inches and sew up the seam and either cutting the zip and oversewing or just sewing to the seam edges and oversewing where you want it to stop – or is this just too much pfaff and you are not bothered all that much? I agree about the smart/casual thing, I suffer from the same disease!!

    • Thank you for the tip re the zip. I didn’t really notice how long it was until I looked at the photos! I had been wearing it constantly pretty much up until then,so I kinda lost the motivation to sort it. I have used the experience tho for the next one!:)

  7. The pattern is from the Burdastyle June Edition number 6/2013/121. It has to be traced from the pattern sheet and seam allowance added, but its very easy to do, it really is a great pattern and can be made in any fabric. Hope you have a go!

    • If i can locate a copy, you bet I will!!:) I’ve worked with BurdaStyle patterns before, so adding seam allowance doesn’t scare me, and I trace all my patterns anyway ^__^ LOL.

  8. Awesome skirt!! I love your outfits!! Please wear that skirt again if you take more photos!! You should try taking some outside with trees or flowers in the background.

      • I look forward to your next photo shoot and I to am waiting for the weather to realize that it’s March and the temps should be going up and the snow piles should be going down. I’ve had enough snow and cold!

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