Chanel Giveaway……a winner!

Thank you to all who stopped by to comment on my little Giveaway. Apologies, for not getting back to you all sooner I know I said the draw would be 1st July-  but I have been away and then work has been very busy, also my internet connection has been  problematic. Added to that we are having freak weather here! Sunny mid 20’s and when that happens everything goes on the back burner and we head out to the lochs for a spot of kayaking.

I have some makes in the pipeline and I will be posting shortly, weather permitting!.

Anyway without further ado my trusty assistant shall pick a winner.


And the winner is………Clipped Curves, Congratulations, please let me have your postal address and I will send on.


Thank you all again

13 thoughts on “Chanel Giveaway……a winner!

  1. I’m so glad the weather has reached you too. Long it may last! Sewing/blogging can wait and we get to wear the summer dresses we made earlier!

  2. Hi,
    I was just thinking about you! And wondering what you are busy sewing at the moment or are you too busy with that gorgeous dog!
    Have a good weekend……sun still shining here in the North East! 😎☀

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. A few things on the go at the moment. Work has been very busy, house getting a bit of a makeover and Pepper although delightful is a bit of a handful, so all in all its put a crimp in my sewing mojo. I do have some projects on the go, however and I have a post lined up. The weather here is back to its usual😦, but the upside is I don’t mind spending the time indoors sewing:)

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