200 followers milestone – Coco and Igor DVD Giveaway

I have reached the remarkable milestone of having over 200 followers to my little corner of blogland and I am thrilled to bits.

I started this blog as a way of documenting my makes and to share some of the tips and techniques I have learnt over the years. However I was not expecting the many wonderful upsides of blogging with fellow sewcialists coming back to say that something I have posted has inspired them to have a go, whether it is something entirely new that they would not have attempted before, or a little tip they were unaware of. This wonderful sewing community with its funny, inspirational, generous, insightful, clever …I could go on, participants, has turned out to be one of the most joyous aspects of my sewing life.

By way of a thank you to all my followers, first up – group hug (oo0oo) and secondly a little give-away.


I recently watched this DVD, principally because I watch pretty much everything to do with Mme Chanel and because it was billed as being especially stylish and I have to say, it did not disappoint.

Almost everyone has seen Coco, the film with Audrey Tatou, which is an absolute favourite of mine, as I believe it to be the most accurate depiction of her life and Audrey seems utterly believable to me as she has the charm I understand the real Coco possessed, displaying the single minded determination which would have been required to make it, especially for a girl of her background and means, at that time.

This film differs in that it is based on a fictional account of the possible affair between Coco Chanel and the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. I won’t go into detail on the story nor offer a critique of the film but just say that the clothes, as you can imagine, are especially wonderful…..a little taster…..










Please note that this DVD is particularly saucy, so you might not want to watch it in front of grandma!

To win a copy of the DVD just leave a comment below and I will draw the winner on 1st July 2013.

Good Luck and Thank You x

14 thoughts on “200 followers milestone – Coco and Igor DVD Giveaway

  1. Ooh yes please! I too love the other Coco film, but have had this one on my To See list for a long time. Count me in. And congrats on your loyal following hitting this milestone!

  2. congrats on 200 followers! I’m nearing 100 and never considered all the cool places blogging would take me when I started.

    I just caught the tail end of a documentary on Coco the other day. She had a very interesting life!

  3. Congratulations on your 200. I’ve only another 142 til I get there;)
    Would love the DVD. Always after an alternative to the rot that is generally on the tv!

  4. Wow that sounds like the perfect way for me to spend a rainy afternoon curled up on the sofa ooooohing and aaahhhhing over the costumes! :)

  5. Oh my, the saucy/grandma reference which my daughter read over my shoulder and I now have to explain….

    The costumes look wonderful. I wish I could wear in the pic no. 3.

    Congratulations on your milestone!

  6. Congrats on the new status at 200+ followers! I will have to hunt down the Audrey Coco movie. I have to admit, I am not as conversant in Fashion history or Biographies as I would like but I know a Coco style jacket when I see one!

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